Tucker Carlson has slammed the Department of Justice over Hunter Biden’s plea deal and described it as a ‘lifetime of sins washed away in an instant’. 

The son of President Joe Biden has reached a deal with prosecutors that would see him plead guilty to tax crimes and dispense with a gun charge — and means he would likely avoid jail time.

He has been under investigation for five years for tax and financial allegations, as well as for paperwork for purchasing a handgun where he attested that he did not abuse drugs. 

But former Fox News host Carlson has since excoriated the plea agreement and claimed the Justice Department had ‘baptized’ Hunter, 53. 

He took to his new show on Twitter on Tuesday to criticize the decision and claimed he had ‘pleaded guilty to pretty much nothing’. 

Tucker Carlson has slammed the Department of Justice over Hunter Biden’s plea deal and described it as a ‘lifetime of sins washed away in an instant’

Hunter Biden has reached a deal with prosecutors that would see him plead guilty to tax crimes and dispense with a gun charge but likely avoid jail time

U.S. Attorney David Weiss (pictured) said Hunter Biden agreed to enter a ‘diversion agreement’ where defendants can admit the facts of the case without entering a formal guilty plea

‘Donald Trump had an idea. «They’ll hit Hunter with something small to make their strike on me look fair,» Trump wrote that about two weeks ago,’ Carlson said. 

‘This morning Hunter Biden pleaded guilty to pretty much nothing. He pled to two misdemeanor tax evasion charges then entered a diversion on a federal gun charge.

‘That’s it. As far as Merrick Garland’s Justice Department is concerned Hunter Biden is done.’

He added: ‘There was no pre-dawn raid carried out live simultaneously on CNN, there was no perp walk, no handcuffs, no press conference.

‘Above all there was no felony. Hunter Biden who broke federal gun laws can still carry a gun. It’s like it all never happened.

‘In fact the justice department just baptized Hunter Biden. A lifetime of sins washed away in an instant. It was a secular miracle.’

Hunter contradicted claims he did not abuse drugs in his own autobiography where he detailed an addiction to crack cocaine that led to a stint in rehab.

His agreement with prosecutors must still be approved by a federal judge, and comes at a time when the Justice Department is under scrutiny for its handling of high-profile investigations of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Sources told NBC prosecutors will recommend probation — which would spare the president’s son jail time but could land him in hot water if he violates terms. Both tax crimes to which he will plead guilty are misdemeanor charges.

The Washington Post reported prosecutors would recommend two years’ probation. Any further terms of probation that prosecutors would recommend were not immediately available, and would be subject to modification by the court.

U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss, a holdover from the Trump administration, has been overseeing the politically charged probe.

A document Weiss filed with the court Tuesday states that the criminal information charges the defendant with tax offenses — ‘namely two counts of willful failure to pay federal income tax,’ as well as ‘one count of possession of a firearm by a person who is an unlawful user of or addicted to a controlled substance.’

Regarding the gun charge, Hunter ‘has agreed to enter a Pretrial Diversion Agreement,’ according to Weiss.

Handling the matter as a diversion case means Hunter wouldn’t technically have to enter a guilty plea. Such cases are reserved for people who have a clean record and are facing non-violent charges who meet a series of criteria. They are meant to reduce recidivism and often are applied to people dealing with substance abuse issues.

Hunter Biden has been under investigation for five years for tax and financial allegations, as well as for paperwork for purchasing a handgun where he attested that he did not abuse drugs

The gun charge dates to a period where Hunter was involved with Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother, Beau

U.S. Attorney David Weiss asked a judge to schedule a hearing for Hunter Biden for two tax offenses and a gun charge, following a years-long investigation into the president’s son

The letter stated that prosecutors and Hunter’s lawyer Christopher Clark jointly request a court appearance on the firearm change and a plea hearing on the tax charge.

Clark said in a statement: ‘With the announcement of two agreements between my client, Hunter Biden, and the Unites States Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware, it is my understanding that the five-year investigation into Hunter is resolved.’

‘Hunter will take responsibility for two instances of misdemeanor failure to file tax payments when due pursuant to a plea agreement. A firearm charge, which will be subject to a pretrial diversion agreement and will not be the subject of the plea agreement, will also be filed by the Government. 

‘I know Hunter believes it is important to take responsibility for these mistakes he made during a period of turmoil and addiction in his life. He looks forward to continuing his recovery and moving forward,’ he said.

The two misdemeanor tax offenses carried maximum penalty of 12 months in prison for each, and he was facing up to 10 years in prison on the gun charge, although

Hunter’s lawyer Clark said it was the end of the five-year probe and told MSNBC: ‘My understanding is we’re done,’ when asked about the status of any other Hunter investigation related to his business practices, lobby registrations, or other matters.

He repeatedly attested to the fairness of prosecutors in their handling of the probe, which also has him dispensing with a gun charge without a guilty plea being required. He said he wouldn’t agree to make a deal if there were more charges pending.

That came despite U.S. Attorney Weiss saying the government’s investigation of Hunter Biden is ‘ongoing.’

Weiss attached the line about the state of the probe to a statement about a negotiated plea arrangement with the president’s son, amid Republican fury about what one influential Republican probing the Bidens termed a ‘sweetheart’ deal.

He did so while confirming that Biden would plead guilty to two tax crimes related to $1.5 million in unreported income, while also resolving a gun charge dating to a period in October 2018 when he was addicted to drugs including crack cocaine.

Prosecutors say the unpaid amount over the two years totaled $200,000.

‘My understanding is we’re done,’ Hunter Biden lawyer Chris Clark told MSNBC Tuesday, when the U.S. Attorney’s office announced the president’s son would plead guilty to two tax misdemeanors

The plea deal allows Hunter Biden to put the long-running federal investigation behind him, although House Republicans blasted the agreement and are expected to keep up their own probes of alleged corruption

Clark issued a plea for understanding, as he said his client feels ‘happy to move on with his life and his recovery.’ He acknowledged that Hunter did not ‘timely pay’ his taxes owed.

‘I understand paranormal occurrences that he’s the son of the president of the United States, but all of us have family members that have struggled with addiction and other issues. And I know it’s hard to have empathy for that. But a lot of people show no empathy. That’s not a legal issue. That’s just kind of you wish the world be different,’ he said.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy compared Hunter’s case with former President Donald Trump, who is charged with 37 counts of willful mishandling of national security information and conspiracy to obstruct justice following the discovery of boxes of classified material at Mar-a-Lago.

McCarthy said there was a ‘two-tiered’ system of justice.

‘If you are the president’s leading opponent, the DOJ tries to literally put you in jail,’ McCarthy said. ‘If you are the president’s son, you get a sweetheart deal.’