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But it was clear that the wall had the aim of preventing people from leaving East Germany. There are conflicting translations, but the meaning was clear. There were fireworks, kites, flags and flags and flags, dogs, children. And there are building sites everywhere, as they try to bring the East into the 21st century. From 1949 and up until the construction of the wall, roughly 2.6 million people had crossed from East to West. People helped each other; some lifted, others pulled. To get a better view, hundreds of people were climbing onto a shop on the West German side. On August 12th 1961, Walter Ulbricht, the de facto leader of East Germany, signed an order closing the border with West Berlin. West Berlin was cut off from West Germany except for a two motorways — one from the south (Munich) and one from the west (Hannover). GDR and work in West Germany or West Berlin.

Berlin also became a centre for espionage — all the major western governments maintained a significant presence there. There were two motorways, not one as previously stated. Only two types of accounts are available. There are three universities; public transport is so good that many people need not own cars. People listening to the radio in East Berlin could of course tune in to West Berlin radio stations, and the BBC World Service (among others) had stations there. Also, Berlin was always the official capital, but the government was situated in Bonn. West German government always insisted that Berlin was the capital city, but the government was seated in Bonn. Official demolition of the Berlin Wall started 13th June 1990 by the East German border guards and demolition experts from the Bundeswehr. While the primitive border was under construction, guards with AK-47s stood at six feet intervals. In December 1963, the two governments negotiated a method of allowing people to cross the border. This feature makes it easier to share things with people you know.