Valve intended to «make DRM obsolete» as video games launched on Steam had traditional anti-piracy measures, together with the project and distribution of product keys and help for digital rights management software tools corresponding to SecuROM or non-malicious rootkits. Valve also dedicated to creating anti-harassment tools to support builders who may discover their game amid controversy. With Steam Direct, a developer or writer wishing to distribute their sport on Steam wants only to complete appropriate identification and tax kinds for Valve and then pay a recoupable software fee for every game they intend to publish. In December 2015, the French client group UFC-Que Choisir initiated a lawsuit towards Valve for several of their Steam policies that battle or run afoul of French regulation, including the restriction against reselling of bought games, which is authorized in the European Union. ReVuln, a commercial vulnerability research firm, sda steam revealed a paper in October 2012 that said the Steam browser protocol was posing a security threat by enabling malicious exploits by a easy user click on a maliciously crafted steam:// URL in a browser.